Tech N9ne Live in Billings

All Ages
Thursday, June 15
Doors: 7pm Show: 8pm

Tech N9ne Live 

In today's hardcore/punkrock scene, which seems to be an endless list of bands coming and going, it's good to know there are still bands out there who are in it for the long run. Eindhoven-Holland based outfit Tech-9 are one of the scene's true survivors, starting out in the 80's, surviving the 90's, clawing their way into the 2000's, and never looking back since. After seemingly forever trying to find their way in the underground music scene, doing shows and releasing demo's, they had to wait until 1996 to catch their first break. By that time the European hardcore/punkrock scene had started to make some serious noise, and record labels were willing to take a chance on local bands. With their special bland of hardcore and oldschool punkrock,Tech-9 got noticed too, which resulted in their 1996 debut album 'Scars on the Inside'. This album opened a lot of doors, and many new shows followed. Their second album 'Winner takes all' which was released in 1998, took them to the next level. By that time they had become a household name, along with bands such as Backfire, Discipline, Right Direction, to name a few. This also meant that besides playing gigs in small venues, they were also invited to bigger festivals such as Dynamo Open Air (NL) and Dour (Be), showcasing their unique sound to an even broader audience. Since then Tech-9 released three more albums, 'Last Line of Defense' (2000), 'Devil in the Backseat' (2003), and 'Nine Lives'(2007), as well as participating on several compilation- and tribute albums. Deeply rooted in working class punkrock , blood has proved thicker than water as they have gone further back to their punkrock roots with every step. That was then, this is now! Even though most of the bands from the early years have long since called it a day, Tech-9 seems to have found some sort of eternal youth, as they are still busting their asses on stage in the same line-up they started out with. Now as if that wasn't enough, they've even been working on a brand spanking new album, which is to be released later this year! Having found a new partner in Gangstyle Records, the guys in Tech-9 are ready to add yet another chapter to their already impressive resume. The new album , which will be titled 'Bite the Bullet', will feature 14 new songs plus one very surprising cover song. Those who know the band already, will know what to expect, straight forward, in-your-face punkrock, with a slight melodic edge. Also, add a few choice sing-alongs to really get the party going. Along with their friends in GSR, Tech-9 will be kicking ass and taking names, showing everyone how it's done. So check out the new Tech-9 album, catch them on the road, and make sure to join the party that never ends. Cheers & Oi!!!
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