Wheeler Walker Jr.: The Spread Eagle Tour

All Ages
Friday, July 12
Doors: 7pm Show: 8pm
$39.50 to $139.50
That sound you hear is the entire city of Nashville (and now all of America) wetting their pants – some in excitement, most in fear – because Wheeler Walker Jr. is BACK! Breaking Billboard records, kicking ass and taking names – the legacy of Wheeler Walker Jr. will surely tell the tale of the best country artists to ever grace this earth. The Spread Eagle Tour tickets, VIP and more information are available at www.wheelerwalkerjr.com

Whatever you do, don’t you dare tell Wheeler Walker Jr. who he is or what he does. “I don’t play by the rules,” says the no-nonsense, straight-talking musician who ever since his chart-topping debut album, 2016’s Redneck Shit, has been giving the proverbial middle finger to anyone who doubts him. “I don’t want people to tell me what the fuck to do.  I’m not a one-trick pony,” says the man who has already notched a gold album with the fan-favorite “Fuck You Bitch.” Yes, while Wheeler has undoubtedly made a major name for himself in recent years by shaking up the country music industry, now he has his eyes set on ripping down new goalposts.  “I’m getting sick of Nashville and country music and the current Nashville scene,” he says without a moment of hesitation. “I mean, seriously, what’s the last good country album that’s come out? I think it’s been years.”
It’s why Wheeler now returns with Ram, his boldest effort yet— a hard charging hurricane of a rock album that’s every bit as pummeling, raunchy and riotous as his best work to date. “It’s pretty intense,” Wheeler says of the 10-track, Dave Cobb-produced LP full of ass-kicking anthems with titles including “Born to Fuck,” “Money n’ Bitches” and “Fingerblast.” To hear him tell it, making a tried-and-true Southern rock album was principally about going back to his roots. Raised on the ripping riffs of bands such as Nirvana, the Misfits, the Replacements and Guns N’ Roses, Wheeler not only adored the heavier sounds those bands offered, but he also cherished rock’s “fuck-the-man” attitude. “This was the album I wanted to make,” he explains of Ram. “I knew it was a risk, but I felt like I hadn’t really taken any big risks for a while. And when I play it too safe, I get nervous. Whereas when I say, “Who gives a fuck? Maybe I’ll go bankrupt and it’ll all fall to shit and my manager might call and say, ‘You fucked up your career,”” that’s when it gets exciting to me.”

VIP: The Wheeler Walker Jr. Pre-Show Acoustic Roast
– Premium reserved ticket in the first 15 rows -or- one general admission ticket (where applicable)
– Exclusive access to the pre-show acoustic & roast experience featuring a private performance and Q&A with Wheeler Walker Jr.
– Commemorative VIP laminate and lanyard
– Enamel dye-cut pin designed exclusively for VIP package purchasers
– Pre-concert merchandise shopping opportunity
– Early VIP entry to the venue

Etix is the ONLY authorized ticketing agent outside of the Pub Station box office. If you purchase tickets from an unauthorized agent in the secondary market (scalper, ticket broker, eBay, Craigslist, etc.), you risk purchasing counterfeit or invalid tickets which may result in refusal of admission.

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